Video: City Councilmen React To New Shooting Information

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — The Columbus police department released new information about the officer involved shooting of Ricky Ball on the night of October 16.

The police department has officially released the names of the officers involved as Officer Canyon Boykin, Johnny Branch, and Yolanda Young.

Columbus police also say that a handgun that was stolen from a police officer’s home and drugs were found near where Ball’s body was found.

All 3 officers had body cameras, but only one was turned on and that was 30 seconds after the shots were fired.

The new information raised new questions for Columbus city councilman Kabir Karriem, who is also conducting his own investigation into the incident.

Karriem said the new information makes him question the policy of the police department’s protocol with authorizing citizens for ride alongs, as well as protocol for body camera use.

Karriem also questions the handgun that was reported to be found near the body of Ricky Ball. He says he finds it suspicious that the gun was reported stolen by the same officer that allegedly presided over the crime scene.

“I’m part of this community, I want to know the truth…”, said Karriem, “…I want to make sure and to ensure that the citizens of Columbus is safe and that the police are doing their job and that’s to protect and serve.”

Karriem also said he has contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department to get involved with the case surrounding reports that one of the officers involved in the shooting made discriminatory remarks about African-Americans, misogynistic comments, and insults to disabled people on their social media account.

City councilman Marty Turner claims he has spoken with the police department many times, hoping to solve issues in his community, but has yet to hear a response.

“The problem is with police disgression…”, he explained, “…and it’s hard for them to explain to me what police disgression means. To me, it means that they have the right to do whatever they want to do.”

When asked what he believes should be done, “I think those police officers should be fired.”

Karriem also expressed concerns about a levels of the city government that needs to be discussed in a meeting.

“I think there are some blatant policy violations that have occurred that the mayor and council needs to address from our social media policy to…the standard operating procedure of handling things inside the police department.”

Karriem also said he wanted to make it clear to the community to wait for the truth to come out before coming to any conclusions.

“All policemen are not bad”, he explained, “…and I think the community needs to understand that…this is a very, very, very tough situation on both sides.”

A petition has also been started for the District Attorney to call a special grand jury to investigate this case.

A peaceful march is also being planned next Tuesday, November 3rd, in remembrance of Ricky Ball.

That march is set for 3 P.M. at Mount Zion Church and will go to the city council meeting.

After the meeting, the march is set to hold a candle light vigil at 14th Avenue North where the incident occurred.

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