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Clay County, Miss.[WCBI]-Traveling down the Mississippi River, the man who departed from his home in Minnesota in a sea worthy kayak has made it to Clay County.

“I’ve gone 1,323 miles so far all together. In about 8 and a half weeks on the river total,” said Colbert.

Rowing his boat through the locks from sunup to sundown, the smart kayaker knows when to get off the water. He has broken his trip up in three legs. What is a lot of fun….could be dangerous as well.

“Not only the wind is in my face but the waves are coming at me to which tends to slow you down. But I still have the river current helping me out. Most times if I stop paddling on the river I’ll continue to float down stream,” said Colbert.

Colbert eats what has been packed in his small vessel, unless he catches his food from the river. And so the thrill seeker, familiar to some and admired by others, will soon get back into his boat, to travel in tranquility.

“After 31 years sitting behind a desk, so I wanted to do something physically challenging for a change,” said Colbert.

Colbert  is taking a break right now and he has got about 263 miles to go before he reaches New Orleans, his final destination.

The kayak is capable of flipping over and if that happens, Colbert suggests doing what he calls an Eskimo roll to return to a desired upright position in the boat.

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