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CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)-The odds of giving birth to twins are slim.

According to some statistics it happens about 3 times in every 100 births.

Triplets are more rare than that.

Two weeks ago at North Mississippi Medical Center in West Point triplets were born to a Clay County woman.

Jayden and Jorden Young, two hungry infant baby boys crying for their bottle, their sister Journee is asleep…. at least for now.

At her four month checkup, expectant mother Chaquanda Young, who did “not” take fertility drugs, got the unexpected news.

“And they said it was looking like twins and they told me to come back the next week. And they said it was three,” said Chaquanda Young, Clay County.

Just looking at them, most people in the neighborhood can’t tell the trio apart.

Not hard recognizing quiet little Journee.

All three are cute, weighing about four pounds each.

Of course, every mother knows her children.

“Oh, Jorden is a little bigger, he is lighter than Jayden. And Jayden has a little more hair,” said Young.

From sunup to sundown, the loving mother who has a history of twins both on her and the father’s side, is kept busy with her latest chores.

“Well, I get up around about nine, feed them, change them, and they go back to sleep. They be up every two hours to eat again,” said Young.

And I bath them and by that time the day is over with.”

From what the mother of the triplets tells us, she does get stressed at times, but thinks that will change after awhile.


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