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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)–Fire fighters are known as local heroes. With every self-less act, fire fighters put their lives on the line for their community.

That’s why fire fighter believe regular training prepares them for the inevitable.

Fire fighters have little room for error when it comes to saving lives.

That’s why knowing how to overcome unexpected obstacle can mean the difference between life and death.

After one fire fighter died in Memphis during the early 90s, Columbus Fire fighters are using the loss as a teaching tool.

“One of districts was led to a fire fighter being entangled in conduit and wire during a structure fire. Because he was entangled he ran out of air and expired,” says Duane Hughes

Each fire fighter must maneuver through a 12-foot obstacle packed with wires while dressed in full gear.

“We go into everyday and see lamps fallen over. We use hand patterns where we are up next to the wall where extension cords stuff like that where we are always at. This helps us learn more about ourselves. Techniques getting in and out for our own safety,” says Josh Westbrook.

First timer, Ryan Thompson, says the training exercise tests your mental strength.

“You’re going to be blackened out and get in there and get tangled up. You got to try and not lose your cool and get untangled so you can keep on going through,” says Ryan Thompson.

To get a better understanding of what fire fighters go through, I decided to find out first hand.

Once I was fully decked out in the 70 pounds of gear, blind fold and all, it was my physical and mental strength being tested.

“One of the great points about the exercise is a confidence in the individuals that once they get to a point where things are uncertain or there is a challenge before them they don’t give up up. Fire fighters. We fight till the end,” says Hughes.

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