VIDEO: Columbus Man Found Safe And Unharmed After Being Missing For Nearly Three Days

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- It was a happy ending to a nearly three day ordeal for a Columbus family.

Family members are happy and relieved to see their loved one, Chris Reed after he went missing on Monday.

“Ohhhh I shouted Thank you Jesus! I’m glad to see my son Chris,” said Brenda Jones, Reed’s aunt.

“Oh Lord Jesus, joy, happiness, and peace of mind right now, a peace of mind,” said Earnest Jones, Reed’s uncle.

When everyone first saw Chris, they greeted him with hugs, laughter, and lots and lots of love.

“Tears of joy, just tears of joy,” Earnest Jones expressed. “We just thank God for him and that he is back and we can just rest, it’s a sigh relief right now.”

“I’ve just been hurting, couldn’t get any sleep, couldn’t eat, but I have just so much joy tonight,” said Brenda Jones. “I feel much better.”

Columbus Police said it was just after 5 o’clock Wednesday evening when Chris was found in his backyard.

They said a neighbor spotted him and directed him back to his home.

“I never gave up, I knew he was coming back, I knew he was coming back,” his aunt said.

The 25 year-old was in good condition and unharmed.

CPD said no criminal activity is suspected, however, they do believe someone dropped him off at his home.

Police Chief Fred Shelton said he believes Chris was staying with someone he knows, and that person knew he needed to be returned home due to the attention that was surrounding his disappearance.

Family members said they’re thankful for the community coming together over the past few days to help them find Chris.

“I appreciate what everyone has did,” said Brenda Jones. “We got out and we did hard work. Each day I worked hard,  every day, passing out flyers, just going door-to-door knocking.”

The family said the public awareness helped lead to Chris’s safe return.

Now that he’s back home, family members said they’re going to shower him with lots of love and show him how much he’s been missed.

“I never gave up, I had hope,” said Brenda Jones. “I believe in prayer, prayer changes things. I kept praying day and night, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, but prayer brought me through.”

CPD believe Chris was cared for during the time he was gone.

The department is continuing to investigate what happened while he was missing.

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