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By Steve Rogers

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — Columbus residents worried about how the city council might spend $4.5 million in paving and drainage money can weigh in now.

The city has posted a tentative project list on the city’s website at www.thecityofcolumbus.org or go to  http://www.thecityofcolumbusms.org/detail.asp?t=22 for public input.

The council will consider a $5 million bond issue Tuesday night, and a $1.1 mill property tax increase this fall to fund it.

“The resolution for the bond issue requires us to have a plan and we have done that. I am sure to some people it seems like it has taken a long time, but we wanted to make sure what we released to the public was as good a list as possible,” Mayor Robert Smith said.

“It’s not fair to anyone to put out a list that is misleading or doesn’t have accurate cost estimates. That only confuses people or leads to problems down the road when something gets changed or doesn’t get done. And this list still may be changed but it’s a good start for everyone to see and know what’s going on,” the mayor added.

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