Video: Cookie’s Sweet Work Ethic

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COLUMBUS, Miss.(WCBI)–A faithful employee of the Columbus Public School District is receiving a pat on the back for his dedication.

The employee has a squeaky clean record and is well liked among students, staff, and other education officials. His name is Dennis Bailey. They call him Cookie. When he was a kid in school at Franklin Academy in Columbus, he would bring cookies for all of the students. That was a sweet thing to do.

On a typical day the foot steps of the diligent worker can be heard down the hallways and throughout the entire schools. Maintenance man and go to guy Dennis Bailey has been a mainstay at Sale and the entire school district for decades.

“And he is not assigned and he is not required to do for our school but he definitely on a day to day basis he is here in the morning, most of the time before I even get here. And he is checking in, Mrs. Blunt do you need anything,” said Kimberly Blunt/Sale Principal.

“He is a clean man. And if we didn’t have any clean men our school would be a disaster,” said Leah Brandon/Sale Elementary School.

Well liked and admired by students, Cookie is always there to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs assistance.

“The children have become accustomed to seeing him you know. He is always in the cafeteria doing his part, and going beyond when needed,” said Kimberly Blunt.

“He always helps the school be clean. He doesn’t want any trash to be on here or on the school grounds,” said Brayden Quinn/Sale Elementary School.

Except for jury duty, in 22 years, cookie has been absent only once, and thats when his mother died. A mother that would probably be proud…..if she was still around to witness seeing her son hard at work.

“When I took this job I said I was going to be the best I could be. And take pride in my job and I can say my work days speak for itself. I got 220 days built up already,” said Dennis “Cookie” Bailey/School District Employee.

Cookie now lives in a new Habitat For Humanity House… is expected to be dedicated this Saturday.

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