VIDEO: CVB Meets To Discuss A New Proposal


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- The Columbus Lowndes Convention and Visitors Bureau works to shape a compromise that might save the city’s restaurant tax.

The current proposal calls for the Golden Triangle Development LINK to receive $250,000 with the rest going to CVB.

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However, at the last council meeting, city leaders made adjustments to that proposal.

They want 20% of the proceeds to go to recreation and $100,000 year for the new amphitheater.

On Monday, the CVB board met and passed a new proposal they plan to take before the council.

“To contribute $250,000 to the amphitheater being built. It would be done in order to relieve any contribution, or that much contribution by the city for the completion of the amphitheater. The amphitheater, like we think a lot of events has helped and will help put Columbus on the map even better,” said Dewitt Hicks, chairman of the CVB.

The tax expires in July 2018.

Earlier this month county leaders approved the original CVB proposal on a three to two vote.

However, the state legislature usually prefers to have unanimous consent from local boards.