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STARKVILLE, Miss- (WCBI) John Underwood has been scuba diving since 1978. With a love for under water exploring, he began sharing these skills as an instructor in 1996. Before you enter a body of water, John explains every piece of gear and how its used in successful diving.

You begin with an air tank. Despite popular belief, the tank is made up of a thousand pounds of compressed air. Fins are used to aid in swimming in technique, as well as to protect the feet. A snorkel is also an essential part of gear. While not often used, it can come in hand when surface diving. Meanwhile, the regulators, are the mouth pieces that are used to access the air supplies. You have two regulators, in case of emergency. Also, gauges are used to not only measure depth, but to keep track of the amount of air you have left in the tank.

After a crash course in the equipment, John shared the most common fears for first time divers.

John says the most common fear is taking the first breath underwater.

Find out how I did on next week’s “Day in the Life.”

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