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WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. – (WCBI) After the tornado outbreak of April of 2011, Jeremiah Gillett was one of the many volunteers on the ground.
His reaction to the damaged areas of the Cumberland Community of Webster County was what you could call typical. What Jeremiah didn’t know, was that three years and one day later,Mother Nature would change his world as well.

Jeremiah’s story doesn’t begin there. In fact, it starts at the same place that it began for all storm victims of Winston County. Just north of the 4 corners region, near the Plattsburg community. They saw it coming. They took cover and they survived. They are members of Jeremiah’s family. His family’s property was the first one hit in Winston County that day. Brenda Goodin, says volunteers have played a critical role in recovery.

Now, Jeremiah is no longer a volunteer. As a worker for Prisock Pro Clean, he spends every day removing water damaged materials, like insulation and flooring. That doesn’t keep Jeremiah from recognizing all of the help that’s come from complete strangers. For, Jeremiah Gillett and all of the storm victims of Winston County, this is just one more day in the life.

  • Phyllis N Gillett

    Great show Michelle. Love the way you connected the two. Thanks

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