Video: Day in the Life, Winston Medical Center


LOUISVILLE, Miss. – (WCBI) A new year, a new CEO, and a new outlook on reconstruction. Winston Medical Center named Interim CEO Paul Black as their permanent choice for the job, effective January 1st.

By January 5th, a Michigan crew was on the ground, building more stable facilities on their temporary campus– after April’s tornado left their hospital heavily damaged.

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As donations continued to pour in this summer, this parking lot at the temporary campus of Winston Medical Center was empty.
Now, the sounds of reconstruction are in the air. Soon, temporary tents will be replaced by transitional buildings.

“This first facility was put in Joplin, Missouri after their tornado. We put a 33,000 square ft. facility there for them to use while they were transitioning into their new hospital. It has been tested for wind speeds of up to 135 mph,” says Phillip Blaisdell with Johnson Portable Buildings.

By March 1st, 80% of employees and the services they provide at WMC will return to Louisville. From Turning Point services, that cater to the elderly, to XRAY and Imagery, Paul Black says everyone will now be under one roof.

“We want to get out of this as quick as we can. We want to get back home.”

But until they can return home, Paul Black and his staff continue to keep the people of Winston County, healthy and well, making this just one more day in the life.