Video: Dickie Scruggs Speaks Out About His Organization

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AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – Inmates in Mississippi are getting a second chance at earning an education.

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Thanks to one man who served time in jail, he is now working hard to make a difference in Mississippi’s education system.

Dickie Scruggs was a well-known, successful lawyer before he was sent to federal prison on judicial bribery charges.

While serving jail time, he started teaching GED courses to fellow inmates.

After Scruggs was released, he started the organization Second Chances Mississippi, to help inmates earn their GED.

“It gave me a second chance, actually, it was the silver lining in my downfall when I went to federal prison,” said Scruggs.

Scruggs was the keynote speaker at the annual Monroe County Chamber of Commerce Banquet, where he shared the story on his organization.

“Mr. Scruggs has a compelling story. It’s not one that everyone wants to tell, certainly, but it is one that redeems, that offers redemption, and we think everybody deserves that opportunity,” said Skip Scaggs, Executive Director of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce.

Scruggs says roughly 77 students in Mississippi drop out of school daily and that is why he wants to help.

“We’re not going to get off the bottom economically until we start educating and putting resources into keeping people in school or getting them back in. So that’s what I decided to do,” added Scruggs.

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