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UNDATED, Miss. (WCBI)-We are now into the mosquito biting season in Mississippi and it is certain many people will be bitten. Just in case you are wondering….there are about 62 species of mosquitoes in Mississippi, but only a few of those already on the attack are pests to people.

“For the most part about March or April to about November. Now, during that time they come out most species come out during the dark. Like when the sun goes down all the way to about daylight the next day,” said Dr.Jerome Goddard, MSU Professor.

The word on the street is that mosquitoes like biting pregnant women, people who smoke, and diabetics.

“To my knowledge mosquitoes don’t pick them out or favor them or go to them that are sick or have various conditions. To my knowledge that does not happen,” said Goddard.

However, female mosquitoes do seek out warm bodies and are attracted to carbon dioxide. Oh yes, male mosquitoes do not bite people. And forget about the notion that taking garlic pills or vitamins will run them away says Goddard. Where there are mosquitoes, you most likely will get bitten whether you know it or not.

“Some people say that, oh I don’t get bite, but they really are getting bite and it doesn’t really make a reaction on their skin. So they just think they’re not being bit, but they are really being bit,” said Goddard.

One thing is certain, mosquitoes do not discriminate, they latch onto any warm blooded animal be it man or beast.

Dr. Goddard suggests wearing long sleeve shirts and pants during peak biting times, avoid scratching effected areas, and check with your doctor if condition is serious.


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