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EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI)-Bald eagles have been spotted gracefully gliding in the skies above Eupora.

The Eupora Eagles football team made it all the way to the 2A State championship game this past season, but the high school isn’t the only place you can find eagles, around here.

“Very large, very wide wing span, beautiful, beautiful white head,” says Ruth Odom.

Some Eupora residents have spotted a pair of bald eagles soaring high in the clouds above town. Ruth Odom, a retired school teacher, says the eagles make regular landings in her yard.

“I was driving down the street and I saw the eagle and I did a double take and then I pulled into the field road and discovered it was eating a carcass of something. And I watched it a few minutes and it finally flew up in the tree and I got out and walked where I saw the carcass and it was a dead bird I waited for the eagle to come back down and of course it didn’t,” says Odom.

Ruth says the majestic raptors have made her favorite hobby more enjoyable.

“I watch birds anyway and I love bald eagles and I’m hoping that there is a mate somewhere and we are going to have some babies,” says Odom.

Joe Duncan, a local veterinarian, remembers the first encounter he had with an eagle. It was shortly after he shot a snow goose.

“One was unfortunate enough to come over the other day and after I knocked him down he landed out in the field so I was going to go back out there after a while later and pick him up. And take him home for observes on the grill that night and about 30 minutes later when I walked outside there were just a big string of white feathers across the field back there and I noticed that in the string of feathers there was an eagle eating on my goose so he got my supper,” says Joe Duncan.

No one knows if they eagles will make Eupora their permanent home, but Joe says it has made bird watching a popular pastime in town.

“Well I had already heard a couple of weeks ago that people had been seeing then so I don’t know if they are migrating through or they might settle in here and yeah I think everybody is kind of on the look out for then right now,” says Duncan.

The American Bald eagle is on the Endangered species list, so if you hurt one, you are in big trouble. Bald eagles normally next closer to the coast.

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