VIDEO: Exercising Workplace Etiquette

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – As sexual harassment claims continue to the national spotlight, it raises questions about what the right way is to handle yourself in the workplace.

As the workplace continues to evolve, so do behaviors while on the job.

CPI Intake Recruiter Leeann Johnson says it starts with the tone the employer sets, beginning with the interview.

“When we get to the interview part we suggest they keep the doors open, maybe have another employee present or maybe with other employees nearby who could possibly here if anything was inappropriate,”said Johnson.

Scott Maynard is the former Director of Mississippi State’s Career Center. He reminded his students, when issues occur on the job they won’t get fixed if nobody knows about them.

“If you are an employee and feel that some thing’s not appropriate, to bring that up early and not let those things fester or have concerns about those but go ahead and talk about them early and bring those up. Then just understanding mutual respect and boundaries in the workplace and keeping those workplace boundaries separate from private lives,”said Maynard.

Maynard says another key to exercising proper workplace etiquette is knowing your profession.

“Anytime you’re starting a new position in a new job or just a new position, understanding the culture of that job really helps. Asking a lot of questions, being open about expectations, having the employer define expectations for you so that you understand any part of the job and rules regulations and guidelines that go with that,”said Maynard.

With the multiple, politicians, media, and entertainers being accused of workplace sexual misconduct, Maynard says it’s vital for employers to create a professional workspace.

“Creating a positive work environment really does have a domino effect from a business standpoint. If the employee is happy then that will translate in that service to you’re customers or you’re clients and again having that understanding and just that professionalism where you’re creating a positive productive work environment is key in any field,”said Maynard.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported in 2016 roughly three out of the four people who experienced workplace harassment never report it. For more information on combating improper workplace etiquette visit

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