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GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI)-It was  10 years ago when five Harvard University students launched a website called Facebook that would later change the world of social media.

Now, there are 1.2 billion Facebook users who are accessing the popular website to stay connected to friends, family and to get other information from around the world.

Facebook. It’s everywhere from computer desktops to smart phones keeping us connected wherever we go.

“Constantly. Here and there even on my phone just look at it everyday,” says Brandon James.

“I mainly get on it maybe like twice a week,” says Patsy Sorrell.

Facebook user Patsy Sorrell remembers the first time she logged in to the social network.

“I cannot believe it’s been 10 years that makes me feel really old. I started using Facebook in the 8th grade and I started on it a lot back then. Now, I use it more for my family more for my friends,” says Sorrell.

Keeping up with loved ones can be good as long as things don’t get out of hand.

“Putting all of your information you have about yourself out there for everybody to see,” says Sorrell.

“Twenty percent or so of the divorce cases that I see that there is some type of Facebook activity that has lead to the divorce,” says Lee Ann Turner.

According to a British Legal study in 2012, divorce lawyers say what people post and how they behave on social networks cause a third of all divorce fillings.

Divorce Lawyer, Lee Ann Turner says it’s because old flames are just a click away.

“When someone has been in a long term marriage and they are older and they have children they’re not necessarily going to go to a bar or other social activities but they’ll get on Facebook to reconnect with people from their past and usually it will start innocent but sometimes it can end up causing big problems in their marriage,” says Turner.

Even though Facebook has been linked to higher divorce rates, local law enforcement is using Facebook to cut down on crime.

“We get a lot of information on fugitives or there will be concern citizens that may have been something and just want to let us know about something,” says Tony Cooper.

Lowndes County Investigator Tony Cooper says they even use Facebook to track down criminals through their personal Facebook page.

“Sometimes we will have a name and we will go to the Facebook page and low and behold there they are,” says Cooper.

Facebook may have it’s pros and cons but many users say they will continue to access the website years to come.

If you have a Facebook page you can see a video of the last ten years of your pictures, posts, and statuses.

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