Video: Family and Friends Shocked, Saddened By Aberdeen Shooting

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ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI) –  The shooting happened around 10:30 Wednesday morning. A witness tells WCBI the gunman, Charles Thompson, entered in the apartment on West Commerce Street and shot the to men. Friends and family members say the victim, 51-year-old Troy Weaver, was a “good man” and they are shocked over the tragedy.

“He had just left me and my daughter about an hour ago. He took her to get breakfast and he had met me at the store to get my little boy something but I had already got his reece’s and I put his minutes on his phone he said ‘ i’ll see you later’ and gave my daughter some sugar but you know we didn’t know that was our last time we was going to see him,” said Weaver’s daughter, Sierra Gates.
Gates says she was just passing by her dad’s apartment in Aberdeen when she saw the police and stopped.

“I came through just going to the store and I seen all the police and sheriff’s coming over here and they said he had been shot but I knew he wasn’t responding or doing any good because the ambulance had stopped working on him and it’s just very shocking,” said Gates.

Weaver has lived in this apartment for several years.

Buzz Cullum is the property owner and he describes Weaver as a good man who never caused any problems.

“Apartment number 6, Mr Troy Weaver, he’s been a tenant for many years, no problems, none. Model citizen, model tenant, spoke with him yesterday, everything was lovely,” said Cullum.

Cullum says as soon as he heard what happened, he rushed to the apartment. But Weaver had already passed away on the scene.

“Particular one right here, I was just shocked, very shocked that something like this, it’s not supposed to happen. And ‘Im very sad, sad for the family,” said Cullum.

Now, family and friends hope their loved one’s killer will be brought to justice.

” That we love him and I hate that this happened, somebody take my dad, my grandkids father from us. Just no sense of that, like I said, wasn’t nothing that serious to take somebody life,” added Gates.

Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Randle confirms the suspect, Charles Courtney Thompson, is in custody.

He is facing murder and aggravated assault charges.

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