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ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)- The family of a 17 year old youth is mixing grief with a search for answers. Meanwhile, Aberdeen police still want answers too. The shooting Monday of a 3 year old has only clouded the issue.

Jessica Smith says it’s been a tough week since losing her nephew, Demonte Partlow. Partlow was shot in the neck.

“The boys took my nephew to Big John Road and tricked him and knocked him on the head with a rock and robbed him. So he comes back to hightown for revenge with the boys. He comes back with a shotgun and the boy took a .38 from him. My brother stopped him and told him to go home and put that gun up, the boys followed him. The boys followed him home and kicked the door in on him and shot him in the neck and left him there,” said Smith.

Smith believes he was murdered by three men.

“Ain’t no way that he could be shot with a 12 gauge shotgun up in his neck and it didn’t take his head off. They shot him with a .38. Took his necklace off his neck too. My nephew ain’t got no type of justice. Don’t look like they investigating his death or nothing,” said Smith.

Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Randle says the department is investigating Demonte’s death and waiting for answers.

“It has not been ruled out as of yet, a homicide or a suicide. We sent the body for an autopsy. We’re actually waiting on a few facts to come back. We have a few things that are in question. And just as soon as we get that we can move forward,” said Randle.

Chief Randle is asking the family to remain patient during this tough time.

“I understand the family is upset. They don’t feel as if we’re moving fast enough on the situation, but like I said it is important that they remain patient. I understand the loss of a loved one but the facts will prove itself,” said Randle.

Jessica demands that the people she suspect’s murdered her nephew turn themselves in.

“They had no business following him home and shot him down the way they did and left him there to die. They had no business doing that,” said Smith.

Some speculate that Demonte’s death triggered this week’s shooting that left a 3-year-old boy in the hospital. Smith’s brother, Anthony Strong is currently in jail for aggravated assault and having a fire arm by a convicted felon. Smith says the two are not connected. Police have not released a motive in the child’s shooting.

Demonte Partlow’s funeral is set for Wednesday.


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