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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- With her multiple octave range and a personality that’s larger than life, Opera singer Angela Brown shared her passion and life story with elementary school students at MUW.

“Opera from a Sistah’s Point of View is a show that basically demystifies Opera for audiences that normally wouldn’t go. I love to do this show for children because it brings them closer. It exposes them to opera cause a lot of them don’t know that someone who looks like them is doing something like this,” says Brown.

Brown has been singing since the age of 5 and fell in love with Opera while at college.

“It was the Opera bug that bit me when I was studying at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama and I took to the technique like a duck to water and the rest is history,” says Brown.

Brown did make history, performing at New York’s metropolitian Opera House in 2004 and making national headlines. Now, she’s made it her mission to share her talents to a diverse and young audience.

“Opera is seen as such an elitist art form, and most people that aren’t Black would go to it and I’m just here to say ‘Honey it ain’t nothing but entertainment’ so if you want to you can love this music or at least be exposed to it,” says Brown.

And judging from the excited reaction from students, it’s working.

“A famous person like her to come and talk to a couple of kids was very amazing,” says 5th Grader Darion Porter.

“She taught us how to project our voice and all that. I just think it’s super great, cause I also love to sing. I was in a play in my school and it was just great,” says 5th Grader Sebastian Rajasrincon.

Angela says she’ll continue traveling the world, hoping to inspire a new generation of Opera lovers.

“All I can do is offer it to you. And if you decide not to take it that’s your choice, but you can’t say that I didn’t come to tell ya!” says Brown.

Angela Brown also performed at Liddell Middle School in Noxubee County. If you’d like to see Brown, you can. She takes the stage this Friday at 7 p.m. inside the Rent Auditorium at MUW.


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