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FAYETTE, Ala. (WCBI) – The town of Fayette, Alabama says keep voting for Dexter.

22-year-old Dexter Roberts of Fayette has made it to the final seven of American Idol.

Drive through Fayette and it’s easy to see the small town’s big support of their singer.

‘Vote for Dexter’ signs are hanging from all businesses and restaurants.

Dexter’s family says he has always been a singer. But he first picked up a guitar at age 14.

Dexter’s mother, Deborah Musgrove, says the support has been great, but it’s hard not to be nervous when watching.

“I’m very nervous and he says, ‘Mom it’s okay, you don’t have to be nervous, everything’s gonna be fine.’ But you see your children on T.V. and you don’t want them to be disappointed. We just have to go from week to week, but it’s been great so far,” Musgrove said.

Dexter Roberts will sing on American Idol Wednesday night, and find out the voting results Thursday. He will also take part in the American Idol summer tour with other top 10 contestants.

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