Video: FDA to Issue Stronger Warnings for Pain Medication

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WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- Pain medication will soon have stronger warning labels, that’s a new announcement by the FDA.

The Federal Drug Administration says new risks came from a 2014 study that shows using pain relievers or fever reducer for more than a few weeks can increase your chances of heart attack and stroke, even if you have no risk of those conditions.

Just because it’s over the counter, or prescribed by a doctor, doesn’t mean you can take more than recommenced, and when it comes to pain pills, “short term” means about 10 days.

“Certain limits per day that the FDA has imposed, so if you’re not following these labels directions exactly, you could be putting yourself in more harm,” says Point City Drugs Pharmacists Erica Turnipseed.

She says not following those labels can increase your risks.

“Ibuprofen can cause blood thinning action, and can actually exacerbate problems that you didn’t know you had.”

With flu season being here, it’s important to know that some of your common cold medications contain the same ingredients as some of your common pain medications.

“Also going to be containing acetaminophen, so that can be problem. If you’re taking too much acetaminophen, again you could have that liver toxicity, and could have more long term affects from that,” says Turnipseed.

The FDA will require prescription pills to have stronger warning labels, over the Counter medication will be asked to do the same, but will not be required.

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