Video: Fireworks Spark Pets to Go Missing on the Fourth

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – July Fourth ranks first for pets that go missing.

Experts say it’s because fireworks scare our furry friends.

It’s this loud banging and popping of fireworks that causes pets to take off.

Fireworks scare cats and dogs and if yours is missing, the shelter is where you need to go.

“First place to look. A lot of people call. It’s best to come and just look,” says Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society employee Darlene Brown .

As of this morning, Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society Director Karen Johnwick says no pets had been brought in that might have wondered off over the holiday.

“I came in this morning thinking, ‘oh, there’s going to be 100 calls on this answering machine.’ There wasn’t, so I’m thankful. I know there will be some animals coming in today. There will be some calls coming in today, you know, people probably got in late last night and probably had to be at work early today.”

She says social media is very popular for getting the word out about lost pets, whether it’s yours, or one you’ve found.

“Check with us. We can do a report and we’re also going to tell you to put it on one of the pet pages because if it’s not here, someone in the community is probably going to see your pet and then they can also be looking,” says Johnwick.

Not giving up is key because your pet is also wanting to get back home.

“Don’t just give up. It could be days, it could be weeks, you know, we had eight months later someone found their dog that was here. So, just don’t give up, just keep checking. Your pet is going to be found hopefully,” says Johnwick.

Johnwick also says if you’ve found a missing pet to call the shelter, post it to social media, and check for a number on a collar if they have one.

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