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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- ” I still get contacted by people in New York and LA that want to do a documentary on that case.”

It’s a case that shocked the golden triangle community. Kristi Fulgham is now serving a life sentence for murdering her husband. Joey Fulgham was shot once in the head while he slept in his home in 2013. She was originally convicted and sentenced to die.

“Luckily the Supreme Court set aside her death sentence and sent her back for sentencing due to some defects in the sentencing phase of her capital murder trial,” said Mallette.

Mallette says death row cases involving women always catch the public’s eye.

“I think that’s why this Michelle Byrom case has got a lot of interest. Kristi Fullgham’s case got a lot of interest. I believe the statistic is somewhere around 70% of violent crimes that involve women involve a member of their immediate family as the victim. Whether it’s a boyfriend, husband, stepfather, whatever,” said Mallette.

Despite all the questions concerning Michelle Byrom’s case, Mallette doesn’t think the State Supreme Court will have a change of heart.

” I would not expect her to get a stay. The case has been reviewed by the Mississippi Supreme Court. They’ve looked at it and they’ve said they don’t have a problem with the death sentence standing. I would be very surprised if they were to grant a stay,” said Mallette.

Death row cases are sometimes the most challenging for both prosecutors and defenders. For Mallette, the Fulgham case changed her personal views of the death penalty completely.

” I don’t believe there is a fair way to have a death penalty in America. If a juror stands up and expresses that in no circumstance would they ever vote to give the death penalty, that person is excluded for cause off that jury.  So the fact that the state gets those jurors struck for cause, but I have to use one of my 12 peremptory to get rid of the person who believes the death penalty is the appropriate remedy in every case..that’s the inequity…and I don’t know how to fix that,” said Mallette.

Kristi Fulgham is serving her life sentence at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in Rankin County.


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