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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — For the next few days faithful worshipers from far and near are meeting at the Trotter Convention Center. Its the 20th Annual State Conference of the Mississippi Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.

Once again the Trotter Convention Center in downtown Columbus is transformed into a sanctuary, a haven for worshipers who believe….that the church is just as relevant as it was 2,000 years ago when Jesus finished his earthly ministry.

“And God is still alive and yet we want to send that message that you know2 the church is not going anywhere. But yet we are standing. And we are staying relevant with our teaching, we are staying on the cutting edge and here at Full Gospel we are trying to change a generation,” said Rev. Bruce Landling, Conference Attendee.

For the members of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, remaining current means being less dependent on others during the present challenging economic times.

“Particularly even in the lower economical areas and encouraging the people of my city to do better and that they can do better. Empowering them,” said Rev. Zachary Operton, Meridian.

“Its going to be addressed locally here at Mississippi and even on our international level through our new bishop elect Bishop Joseph Walker. That’s one of his main theme is making sure that we impact our churches not just spiritually but even economically,” said Rev. Doran Johnson, Senior Pastor.

“And Jesus said I was hungry, you fed me not. I was naked and you didn’t even give me clothes. I was in prison you didn’t visit me. So I think the body of Christ needs to come together and start doing these things and lets quit preaching this between our four walls,” said Bishop Bobby L. McCarter, FGBCF State Bishop.

Adapting to changing times where there are graying senior citizens on the pews, the conference is catering to the young among them as well.

“They are separate because they can address their issues. and many times as older people we don’t address the issues for the young people and they want to go to their peers. And they get their issues addressed and that’s why this week we have two separate conferences. One for the children, youth, and adults,” said Bishop McCarter.

“You know like here at this conference we are allowing them to be, have their own setting so that they could be who they are, but yet and still we are teaching godly principals,” said Rev. Landling.

So these who have come to worship are hoping to leave as servants. They are now expected to perform those biblical application they have heard.

In order to remain relevant while keeping up with issues like the use of new technology in ministry, special classes are being held. Session of the conference are expected to run through Friday night.

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