Video: Grant To Help Elementary Students Use Technology To Promote Creativity

TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) –  A three thousand dollar grant will help students at one school use the latest technology to promote creativity.

The grant from the Advocates for Gifted Education was presented to Rankin Elementary in Tupelo.

The money will fund a project called “Media Mania-Making Spaces.”  A room in the media center will serve as the “Maker Space.”

That will be equipped with a 3 D printer, a Lego wall, dry erase wall and robots.

It’s all part of an initiative to fuse creativity , technology and education.

“We just hope it gives them a chance for some exposure to some technology they haven’t had exposure to before,” said Kathy Walden, of Advocates for Gifted Education.

“I would like the students to take away some skills and knowledge, instead of just imagining and thinking about what it would be like to have a robot, and do this and that, to actually get their hands on and get in and experiment, explore,” said Rankin Media Specialist Marrion Winders.

There will even be a “Maker Space” after school club.

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