Video: Heavily Hit Center Ridge Moves Forward

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WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — “It changed me. It really did. It really changed me. And that’s why everyday, you just got to be thankful.”

Dorothy Eichelberger is grateful her life was spared. She watched, as the EF-4 tornado ripped through her Center Ridge community.

“My heart just goes out to the ones that lost everything. The ones that got killed and got hurt, but everyday I know God is giving them strength,” said Eichelberger.

Just one day after the twister hit, Annie Hudson and other volunteers rallied around their neighbors. Since then, signs of love and support have multiplied.

“We’ve had volunteers from as far away as California, Texas and Illinois who are still with us and they brought donations from their churches. One of the things we’re doing, we had one group bring in boxes of bibles so we’re passing out bibles to those people who want them. My pastor is giving words of comfort to as many people as he can,” said Hudson.

But still they know, this is just the beginning of a long recovery.

“As bad as the destruction is, people are doing fairly well. Right now, they’re holding up because I don’t think the real after effects of the tornado has hit yet,” said Hudson.

Center Ridge residents are also working to restore Dean Park.

“The kids come down, play on the playground. And that has really been a big thing because the kids haven’t been able to go to the playground, but we’re trying to get that back open,” said Hudson.

Residents know the next few months and years will be tough. But for now, they’re taking it one day at time.

If you’d like to donate, you can drop off donations at Center Ridge Baptist Church.

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