Video: Hidden Treasures — Vintage Barbie Collection

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Barbies and Ken dolls are a part of every little girl’s childhood. Who could forget the pink cars, clothes and of course the Barbie Dream House. And while many people may collect baseball cards or stamps, one Columbus woman has a Barbie Collection worth thousands.

Shirle Bruce will always remember her first Barbie.

“This is Beautiful Bride made by Mattel in 1967. When I was a little girl I could not afford to buy her. Back in the 1960s we got an allowance and we saved money. We worked chores to make money, a penny here, a nickel, dime, quarter. I found this in the local dime store for $4.99. It was everything in the world to me,” Bruce said.

Now she has an impressive collection of vintage Barbie items dating back to the 60s. Bruce looks for Barbies on Ebay, at yard sales and even travels to doll shows. Her collection is valued at more than $20,000.

“I actually started collecting NRFB Barbies. Which are never removed from box. I ended up obtaining about 300 or more. I sold them, then I started collecting again. I had no idea coming from a small town that Mattel made a lot more clothes for Barbie. So I started buying and I bought, and I bought,” Bruce said.

Bruce has Barbie cars, clothes and accessories. But her favorite is the vintage Barbie Fashion Shop.  She doesn’t keep count of how many items she has.

“My thing is Barbie. Sometimes I think I go a little wild but that’s alright, I’m a Barbie collector,” Bruce said.

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