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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s a chance for Mississippi and Hong Kong to develop a better understanding of each other’s economies.  One  of the top U.S. Based trade representative from Asia’s primary commercial gateways

Mississippi State University students heard from one of Hong Kong’s leading Commissioners in economic and trade affairs. He hopes his visit to Mississippi will strengthen bonds between the U.S. And Hong Kong.

“One advantage of Hong Kong is we have lots of talented people, but we need more, so we’ve been going around to different parts of the states and we would very much like for MSU students that graduate to maybe consider visiting Hong Kong later on and starting their career,” said commissioner Donald Tong.

Tong says with the low unemployment rate in Hong Kong at 3.3%, there are many opportunities available for U.S. companies to use it as a platform for business.

“We very much hope to assist Mississippi companies to explore the business opportunities in Hong Kong and through Hong Kong into Asia, specific markets particularly China,” added Tong.

Associate Vice President of Research Ray Vaughn thinks Tong’s visit to Mississippi State is very beneficial. Now, he hopes MSU can collaborate with Universities in Hong Kong.

“I think we’re doing some excellent work with vehicular research, energy research, cyber security research and a number of other areas that we believe that they may be interested in so if we can take the research that we’ve been involved in and partner that up with the needs in China, in Hong Kong then I think it’s a win win situation for both,” said Ray Vaughn.

Tong will pass along what he learned here to the Hong Kong business community and his government.

“We very much hope to assist Mississippi companies to explore the business opportunities in Hong Kong. So that next time around when they consider for examples investment opportunities out there in the states they would be fully aware, at least more aware of the Mississippi advantages,” added Tong.

Hong Kong is the 10th largest export destination for the U.S.

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