VIDEO: Hunreds Come Out To Enjoy A Fun Time At Caledonia Days


CALEDONIA, Miss. (WCBI)- Hundreds of people and even pets poured into Ola J. Pickett Park to be apart of this years Caledonia Days festival.

“So far today has been really good,” said Kenneth Smith, who was a vendor at this year’s event. “I’ve enjoyed the food, I’ve enjoyed the festivities, the music and the people.”

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Smith said he’s been coming out to the festival for four years now.

The live music, hot food cooking on the grill, and everyone having a good time, Smith said that’s what Caledonia Days is all about.

However, he said there’s one thing about the festival that sticks out to the most.

“The food,” Smith expressed. “So far I’ve had the hibachi it’s very good, and I’ve had a polish sausage and it was really good with a lot of onions and green peppers.”

The event continues to grow each year.

It was six years ago when they expanded into a two-day event.

Many people said it’s the family atmosphere that continues to bring them out year after year.

This year, vendors set up booths with various items for people to buy, and there were plenty of games and activities for the entire family to enjoy.

“It’s really fun you get jumpers, laser tag, you get to get your favorite football cards and a bunch of things,” said Avery Hodge, who’s came out to the event for the past five years. “Like I said just people hanging around and what you get to get here while you’re coming it’s not that expensive.”

This year marks the 14th year Caledonia has hosted the Caledonia Days Festival.