Video: Hunters Prepare For Dove Season

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ENON, Miss. (WCBI) — Dove Season marks the first hunt of the fall, which has many hunters anxious for opening day. It’s a time when hunters grab their guns and head out into the woods hoping to bring back evidence of a good hunt. But hunters still have several days before dove season kicks off so some Enon Hunt Club members are practicing their aim.

“Show them how to use the safety on their gun how to hit a target and getting them ready for dove season,” says John Woten.

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Over 27 years, the Enon Hunt Club has hosted a skeet shoot event to help hunters with the upcoming season. Member John Woten says over the years a few things have changed like the weather and the cost of operating dove fields.

“We used to do a dove field but the cost of fuel and seed we’re not doing one this year,” says Woten.

Jerald Harman finds this annual event a good way to practice his hobby with close friends.

“Always loved guns always liked shooting. I wasn’t a big hunter but this is something you can come out and shoot and enjoy and be able to actually shoot your gun some you know,” says Jerald Harman.

With lots of practice, Harman hopes this will prepare him for a great season.

“It’s hard to hit a dove. It’s hard to hit these clay birds but doves are moving a lot quicker and they shifted and move where these things are basically going to be on the same trajectory every time,” says Harman.

Hunting doves may be difficult, but Harman says it’s rewarding.

“I like to eat dove you know one thing the taste good. It’s a challenge and like I said something you can do in fellowship with,” says Harman.

As these hunters get ready for dove season, many say they are thankful for this time well spent. Dove season kicks off September 1st.