VIDEO: Impacts From The Snow


WINSTON COUNTY, Miss.(WCBI)—Well yesterdays Winter weather may not have reached some but for others they truly bore the brunt of some snow.

The South Eastern portion of Winston County among others were hit pretty hard by yesterdays winter weather.

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“We did get all the weather the forecasters promised us here,” said Winston County EMA Director Buddy King.

With only a few slide off the road vehicle accidents King says they are very lucky it wasn’t worse.

“With no injuries that I’m aware of from any of those accidents. The volunteer fire department was able to respond and assist as they usually do. We are very fortunate,”said King.

King says though they made it through last night but when it comes to ice they aren’t completely in the clear.

“It will melt a little bit but that’s not such a blessing because it’s going to refreeze again tonight when the sun goes down and we’ll get what is known as black ice the kind you can’t see on the road,”said King.

The snow wasn’t the only issue last night, the wind presented a issue as well.

“Yeah so the wind chills were really bad last night a lot of spots have dropped to at or below zero so certainly very cold wind chills.. when you factor in the temperature along with the wind it makes it feel colder out. So that wind chill really dropped down last night and it will drop down again tonight but obviously that can cause dangerous conditions,” said WCBI Meteorologist Alex Puckett.

” It was very tough on our volunteer fire fighters and first responders last night the wind was blowing steadily and of course temperatures were sub-freezing. It was difficult for them to be out in it. As well as the night went on if any body had to be in it.. it was vicious. And we are expecting that throughout the day. We are benefiting from the sun now but still it’s going to be abnormally cold this evening,”said King

King says he hopes residents will stick with the same theme from Friday, stay off the roads.

“Hopefully everyone that has a need will take care of their needs today and they will stay at home safe with their family and friends this evening,”said King.

Nouxbee County EMA Director Corey Brown says his area experienced icy road conditions last night causing 4 accidents. Three of which were cars sliding into each other. There were no injuries reported.