Video: Initial Ricin Letter Suspect Talks Of How Life Has Changed Since Mid April

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CORINTH, MISS. (WCBI) – In mid April, 44 year old Kevin Curtis made national headlines when authorities said he was suspected of sending ricin laced letters to President Barack Obama, Senator Roger Wicker and Lee County Judge Sadie Holland.

Less than a week later, the case against Curtis was dismissed.  Curtis visited with WCBI’s Allie Martin at his home and tells how things have been since the events of April.

In less than a month, life for Kevin Curtis has changed dramatically.

“I’ll be in the kitchen and they will just come in my door without knocking, knocking on my bedroom window, it’s 24 hours a day, it never stops. Phone ringing,” Curtis said.

That’s why Curtis posted this note on the front door of his Corinth home, reading, “Please do not bang on doors or windows, may be sleeping, or making rice.

The final part refers to his stint as the man authorities intially suspected of sending the ricin laced letters to the president and other elected officials.

After his name was cleared, Curtis made the rounds of all the television news shows and entertatinment programs.

“People all over New York City recognized me, it was unreal, every store I went into, oh, youre the guy , and I was signing authgraphs, so I’m almost in prison three days ago and now I’m a celebrity,” he said.

When he finally made it back to his house, he was in for a shock.

“Looked like someone had broken in here, every picture was off the wall, glass everywhere, there were thousands of dead roaches and bugs and spiders,” Curtis said.

Curtis claims the damage was caused by federal authorities as they searched his house. He is compiling a list of everything that was damaged or destroyed for his attorney, who will seek restitution from the government. Plus, his dog got loose and was picked up by the animal shelter.   CUrtis had to pay 200 dollars to get her back.

He also says authorities damaged some of the equipment he uses in his musical tribute to the stars.

Curtis also writes his own music and is hopeful all the attention will help jumpstart a solo career.

“I’m putting a band together right now, we;re working on that and I’m hopefully going to release a new CD in January so a lot of things are happening,” he said.

The Northeast Mississippi native says his family was impacted by the attention. He says his mother has had trouble sleeping since everything began. But through it all, Kevin Curtis says his faith has been an anchor.

“I’ve always been grounded with the principles of the Bible, what I was raised on by my mother and grandmother, my father was a minister, so I had that foundation laid out for me early on, to trust in God, put everthing on God, there’s a reason for everything happening, good and bad,” Curtis said.

Curtis will soon head out of town for another round of talk shows, and he is also slated to do an interview with GQ Magazine and there is also talk of a possible book deal.!/1stelvisguy?fref=ts


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