VIDEO: Kilmichael Back on Its Feet After Tornado

KILMICHAEL, Miss. (WCBI) – Six months ago the town of Kilmichael was hit by EF1 tornado, leaving many homes damaged and even more without power.

Since then, the town has gotten back on its feet.

Mayor Bobby Howell tells us Kilmichael has started to get back into the swings of things with day-to-day routines.

The speedy recovery is thanks to surrounding communities making sure their neighbor is ok.

Kilmichael’s recovery has been steady.

Now, several months later, residents say they feel confident the worst is behind them.

“We’ve pretty much recovered. The town has. We had a lot of people a lot of volunteers who did a tremendous amount of work in the town,” said owner of Greenlee Shoprite, Larry Greenlee.

Some homes still have a few repairs needed; others were damaged beyond repair.

There are also other scars from the storm.

“The trees are all gone and the town isn’t as pretty, but we’ve recovered,” said Greenlee.

Before state and federal assistance stepped in, neighboring towns and counties donated their time and resources to care for “The Town That Cares.”

“The community coming around and helping us, the county coming around and we did everything we could just like that. I appreciate the county coming around and doing that for us,” said resident, Cowboy Flowers.

“It’s tremendous. I mean, they came in with logging equipment; they cut trees, they got limbs off of houses. They did a tremendous amount of work,” said Greenlee.

Since this was one of the worst storms to hit the community, residents and leaders say next time they’ll be better prepared.

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