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KILMICHAEL, Miss. (WCBI) — Some fire fighters in one Montgomery county town have been busy. In the last five days, Kilmichael Volunteer Firefighters have been battling three fires.

An early morning fire at the corner of Kimberly Drive and Binford Avenue is only but one blaze extinguished by Kilmichael Volunteer Firefighters. The person living there escaped the blaze unhurt.

“It was a complete loss. Started on the cook stove. A guy was cooking and let the grease get too hot. Pulled it up in the vent fan in the attic,” said Chief James Harrison, KVF.

“It was right around I’ll say before one thirty and two O Clock, my wife she came in there and woke me up and told me that my neighbors house was on fire. And I got up and put my clothes on and I came up here and it was about half gone,” said Henry Campbell, Kilmichael Resident.

One of the fires happened at T & T Auto Parts at the corner of East Stone Street and North Rutherford. By the time they got here this business was totally destroyed.

“Merchandise and of course the building is no good. And I understand it, the investigators said it started from a florescent light,” said Harrison.

Kilmichael Police Chief just happened to be patrolling near that business at the time of the fire. Then there was another fire on Williams Road where two adults escaped with just the clothes on their backs.

“It was out in the county. It was a double wide mobile home. And it was a complete loss. It was on the ground when we arrived on the scene,” said Harrison.

And so the resources of a little town and their ability to do their job seems to have worked out fine. Harrison is hoping for a lull, not looking to see any more action… for right now.

“I said its sort of busy for a you know Volunteer Fire Department in a small town like this,” said Harrison.

There were no injuries to firefighters or residents in any of those fires. Back to you at the desk.”

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