Video: Local Art Students Use An Ancient Process To Create A Masterpiece

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-Artists are always searching for new ways to create the ultimate showpiece that stands out from the rest.

As each piece of wood is placed in the fire, a new creation is being made. Pottery.

Several art students from Mississippi University for Women and Mississippi State University are dedicating the next three days to firing their clay art.

“With wood we don’t really glaze very much we let the wood do all the work itself. So there is a little bit of carbon in the clay and just the wood ash turns like a really warm colors: browns and oranges and reds,” Ian Childers.

Once the fire reaches around 2,350 degrees, the pottery will then cool down for several days. Ceramic professor Ian Childers says the ancient process offers more than just one lesson.

“I think this is good for them because they learn a historical context of wood firing they get to come out and practically do it. There is a lot of people that really like to do wood firing work it’s still really big in ceramics it’s big in people who collect ceramics,” says Childers.

MUW Sophomore, Brittany Humphrey says the flaming craft may look simple, but it takes hard work.

“We don’t get this that often because we need a lot of people’s work and of course as you can see we need a lot of wood. And this is just a great experience and I’m really excited it’s my first time actually doing this kiln,” says Brittany Humphrey.

Students walk away with more than masterpieces. They take home a skill set that will last a lifetime.

The Columbus Brick Yard hosts the group during their three day process.


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