Video: Local Christmas Tree Farm Officially Opens

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – Thanksgiving is over and that means it’s officially time to start decorating for Christmas.

Worthey Christmas Tree Farms in Amory officially opened it’s gates last weekend.

Customers can pick from a variety of 4 different types of Christmas trees planted on the 50 acre farm, but picking out a tree isn’t the only thing there is to do.

“People that I knew that was starting out and now they’re having their kids and all of a sudden their kids are bringing kids, so it’s so fun to see that grow,” says Owner Lowell Worthey.

Worthey also says picking out a Christmas tree has become an annual tradition for many families, but it’s not all about picking the perfect tree. The Farm offers an entire day’s worth of activities.

“We do Christmas trees but we also have sleigh rides, We have a little train that we run, We have a gift shop that we have, we kind of make some of our ornaments things like that, so there’s kind of like home made stuff,” says Worthey.

Getting the farm up and running every holiday season takes more work than some people would expect.

“It is a very year round job, a lot of folks don’t understand that. You come out here and it’s not just as simple as you put em in the ground and let em grow. You got to take care of them. You got to water them sometimes. It’s a lot of this and that, that goes to them. It’s not just as easy as everybody thinks,” says employee Ethan Langford.

But despite the hard work that goes into running the farm, Worthey says it’s the people that make it all worth it.

“Some customers stay several hours and they just do from one thing to the next and I see them laughing just you know it’s just good to kind of be with families and just spend that time together because it’s so hectic in life these days,” says Worthey.

Customers agree that there’s something special about picking out your own tree.

“It’s a whole lot better than just going and buying an artificial one at the store,” says customer Sarah Reeves.
“It’s unique because there’s only one of that certain tree,” says customer Mallie Burchfield.

At the end of the day, it’s not really about finding the perfect tree–It’s about making memories with the ones you love.

“Just being around great people is always what Christmas is about,” says customer Mike Reeves.

Worthey says watering and keeping your tree hydrated this holiday season is vital.

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