Local Farmers Prep for Cold Temperatures

SULLIGENT, Ala. (WCBI)-With temperatures expecting to reach below freezing, area farmers are working overtime.

As the cold temperatures come rolling into our area, Dairy farmer Will Gilmer is prepping his farm and his cows.

“Well cold weather on a dairy farm is not a real great combination. Our cows themselves will be fine as long as we can get them plenty of feed and water. Our main concern of course is going to be the water trough keeping ice busted out of those so they can stay filled and the cows can drink,” says Will Gilmer.

The Lamar County farmer knows these temperatures will cause extra work for him and his staff but says the job must be done.

“We won’t be able to stand the cold weather as good as the cows but we’re going to have to take care of them before we can take care of ourselves. As hard as the weather is going to be we have to adjust to it those cows have to be milked twice a day and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure they’re comfortable and make sure they’re comfortable and make sure our equipment is working and so everybody else can get the milk that they want,” says Gilmer.

While some farmers are preparing their cattle for the cold weather, others are preparing their crops and farm equipment.

“Well at this stage of the game the major crop we have in the field right now is wheat. Wheat is cold tolerant so wheat can tolerate this cold spell we’re having now but wheat does not like wet feet,” says Dennis Reginelli.

Dennis Reginelli an Agronomy Agent for Mississippi State University says many farmers overlook their equipment when prepping for the cold.

“Make sure those levels are sufficient to handle this cold temperature that is fixing to come in tonight and tomorrow and anything that has water to pass through it because anything that has water in it can freeze can cause damage later on in the year,” says Reginelli.

We may not experience harsh conditions such as this but the cold temperatures expected throughout the week cab still cause damage for local farmers if they do not prepare.

Some places in our viewing area may see single digits early next week.

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