Video: Local Non-Profit Helps Women Overcome Addictions

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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A local non-profit is using a new facility to help women overcome addictions.

Helena Heard was one of the first women to get help at Avante House when it was founded three years ago.

She says she was addicted to pain pills and crystal meth. 18 months later, Avante House helped her overcome those addictions.

“They took me back and forth to work. They helped me get my license back. I paid off fines. I bought my first car ever with my own money. They taught me how to live clean and sober,” Heard said.

“It just teaches them how to manage their money and grow up,” said Avante House founder Kelly Britton. “Drugs and alcohol kind’ve keep you from growing up.”

Now Heard has got her life back together.

“I got both my children back full-time. I’ve got my own place now. I’m active in the AA community, and I’m able to help other people through their help,” she said.

And she’s grateful for Avante. It’s a place where she says women can feel safe.

“They’re coming off the streets. They’re coming out of crack houses, things that are just a pretty rough life, and to be able to come into a home with this much love, it’s just awesome.”

Heard hopes this new home will inspire other women going through the Avante program, so there can be more success stories like her.

Avante House has helped about 40 women, like Heard, since it was founded three years ago.

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