VIDEO: Louisville City Leaders Prepare Lead The City for The Next Four Years

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- The city of Louisville is officially ready to get down to business.

On Monday, the mayor and board of aldermen took their oaths of office during a swearing in ceremony.

Mayor Will Hill is set to begin his third term at the helm.

Four alderman who served during the previous term will join mayor Hill.

Ward 1 Alderman Drew Massey is the only newly elected alderman.

Mayor Hill said he’s excited and looking forward to all of the things the board will be able to accomplish.

“They always really do think about what’s for the greater good of Louisville,” said Mayor Hill. “Not just for a single pocket of people, or just one neighborhood, or one community. I do think they are thinking the bigger picture, and that’s one of the challenges that we’ve had, or the charge that I’ve given in recent years, lets think five, ten, and lets even think 25 years. Let’s think what kind of impact, what we are doing today may have, because we’ve had and historical event, but I’ve as I’ve said many times we are trying to make history right now.”

After the swearing in ceremony, the board held its first meeting with the new administrative body.

During the meeting, the board re-appointed all of its department heads and to approved a payment on its landfill project.

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