Video: Louisville Receive Funds To Help With Cleanup

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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-The recovery process continues in Louisville as they work diligently to get the town back in order.

While the process may take years, Louisville has recently been issued funding to help with the recovery process.

Debris still lines the streets of Louisville, two weeks after an EF-4 tornado swept through town.

But, with every day that passes, progress is made.

A group from Appalachian Regional Commission toured the battered areas Monday and made a $50,000 commitment to help Louisville residents rebuild and and recover.

“ARC bridges the gap in so many ways for us where state funding or match funding needed they stepped up and they’ve made that commitment to look here and see how they can continue to help,” says Mayor Will Hill.

“Our role is really long term and we have a good relationship with the Mayor who produces great leadership in the community and we want to make sure that Will knows that we’re here to help rebuild Winston,” says Earl Gohl.

Getting health care facilities back up and running, finding temporary housing for storm victims and debris clean-up are still top priorities.

“Those three are very important as we move forward and it’s looking at how we rebuild some of the economy how do we assist in the residential and private areas just right now it’s take the next thing just work with the next issue,” says Mayor Hill.

ARC has invested nearly $1.5 million into Winston County over the last four years.

Part of that money went to reviving the Natron Plant, that was also destroyed by the twister. Despite the loss of property, ARC representatives say now is the time to look forward to the future.

“ARC is a federal agency and we have federal funds and it’s important to understand that we’re interested in continuing the relationship and to be here for the Mayor and also the County,” says Gohl.

The ARC also toured where the temporary healthcare facility will be.


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