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COLUMBUS and LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — Memories from Louisville families continue to turn up far from home. The winds from Monday’s tornado carried debris for miles. In one Columbus neighborhood, a woman is surprised at what blew her way.

After the storm winds settled, so did a piece of paper that made it’s way from Louisville to Columbus. Columbus resident Patsy McDaniel was in her yard cleaning tree limb debris at her home two miles from the Alabama state line.

“It was upside down and I thought what is that. And when I turned it over I said well that’s a football picture. And I was shocked, and then we got to looking at it and realized that it was from Winston academy. Because WA was on the helmet and, the guy standing up had Winston Academy on his t-shirt,” said Patsy McDaniel/Columbus.

Players in the picture that apparently originated among the homes destroyed in the community near the school, have been identified by school officials. Wearing number 20 jersey, Caleb Metts. Also on the line, BJ Triplett, Casey Smith, Robert Prisock. Taylor McNeel was quarterback that year. According to what WCBI Meteorologist Heather Sophia is tell us, its not uncommon for that to happen.

“I mean it just sucking up the, the debris and the air, its floating around, its lofting in the air. And with those lighter materials, particularly a piece of mail, when its traveling and when its weakening then it’ll fall and you can see it. You know like you said, 60 plus miles away,” said Heather Sophia/WCBI Meteorologist.

“Oh I thought,my, how far did this piece travel. And you know how dangerous that tornado was and how you know serious it was,” said McDaniel.

Not every day a bit of Louisville is found in the Friendly City.

“Well, I just hope we can find the rightful owner of it and hopefully nobody was hurt in that picture,” said McDaniel.

WCBI News left the picture with Winston Academy officials who are performing their own investigation to determine who the owner of the picture is.

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  • Mark

    A good friend found a picture in his yard in Caledonia and located the woman in Louisville.
    Heartbreaking story.

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