Video: Lowndes Co. Family Talks About Life After April 28th Tornado

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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — It’s been nearly six months since a series of devastating tornadoes swept through Northeast Mississippi. Winston County was hit the hardest but some in Lowndes County were also left without a home.

“A nightmare. Man it was awesome. I’ve never been through a tornado before and it wiped us out,” says Mark Price, a New Hope resident.

Price is one of dozens of Lowndes County residents that suffered serious damage to their home after the April 28th tornado hit. The Price family trailer home was damaged beyond repair but with the help of loved ones and the Federal Emergency Management Agency,
they were able to start again.

“FEMA, SBA, Small Business Administration and family. That’s who pulled together to see us through this,” says Price.

Price had been living on Doe Doe Lane in New Hope for 35 years. After the storm, he lived in a camper with his wife and daughter until their new home could be purchased. The family says though they’ll never forget that fateful day, they still have a positive outlook on the experience.

“The good part of it is that we all lived through it. We were in our trailer when it happened. So we’re just all grateful that we’re all alive,” says Sheri Price, Mark’s wife.

Tupelo and Louisville were also severely affected by the tornado.

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