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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — Some high school students in Lowndes County are finding out what it feels like to be a grown-up.

The gym at West Lowndes High School turned into the world of business, giving juniors and seniors a hands on real life simulation, as visited eight makeshift booths designed to teach life’s lessons.

“And the students will get a bank record with their end of the month salary after taxes. And that is based upon their grade point average. And of course the higher the GPA, your higher the salary,” said Kimberly Hyde, Columbus Junior Auxiliary.

“With my grade point average being as high as it is I actually land in the ball park of what I thought I was going to make. I had to really buckle down and pick what car I needed not which one I wanted,” said Tory Evans, West Lowndes High School.

“I see how my parents have to manage their money. I ask for a lot and I see what they have to do. They have to pay bills and pay all this so I have to sacrifice some times,” said Tyshon Rogers, West Lowndes High School.

Nothing like having the facts right in front of you. When they consider gas, utilities, groceries, transportation, and if they have money lefty for cell phones and electronic devices, there is always the unexpected expenses you get from the spinning wheel of life, that for some may not be too pleasant.

Real life lessons have a way of sinking in to proper perspective when low grades now, equals meager funds to live on later.

“They get to see that you know from month to month what your parents have to go through. And its not all just given to you. Its now you have to go out and earn it and see how its done,” said Hyde.

“All I can say is if you are still in school you still have time. If you can work and get that GPA up and make your way to college and I really do feel you have a future in your hands,” said Evans.

Columbus Junior Auxiliary members are known for hosting those life changing reality fairs throughout our viewing area.

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