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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Kids aren’t the only ones getting ready for the new school year. Lowndes County teachers are being prepped on changes they will have to implement this Fall.

The teachers are now the students. Summer training is geared towards subjects and teaching techniques. The Lowndes County School District is getting its instructors prepped for the fall.

“We have a lot of changes made next year in our district some of it’s changes that we brought on and some of it is state mandated changes but just to allow the teachers to be more comfortable in what they’re giving to our students as they instruct and to be comfortable moving forward with the process,” said Dr. Robin Ballard, Assistant Superintendent.

25 different training courses will take place around the district. Learning the MSTAR, in addition to specific course material, is also on the agenda.

“The teacher are just learning about the different parts of the MSTAR and what is going to be counted during observation and what the evaluator would look like with artifacts,” said Ballard.

Training classes include levels of reading, math, some special ED courses and much more.One teacher says he’s ready to get back into the swing of things and do what he does best.

“Kinda just gives me a better idea of what my principal is looking for when they come into my room. I guess it makes us feel more comfortable knowing that they’re going to be in there and knowing we have a blue print of what we need to be doing to promote the education of our children,” added teacher Murray Woody.

“We did some group wok and worked on some of the standards and the domains that the evaluators will be looking for in our classroom, some of those are content knowledge, student engagement, working in groups a lot of those building on what would be best for the kids in our classroom,” said teacher Jennifer Spidle.

And all the training learned will be applied to benefit local children. The training courses have been held for three weeks. The program concludes next week.

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