Video: Magnolia Angels Rescue Dogs In Monroe County

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ABERDEEN, Miss.(WCBI)–Across Northeast Mississippi, grassroots community groups are stepping up to help local governments get more bang for their buck from taxpayer dollars. A non-profit animal rescue group that is working with Aberdeen and Monroe County to avoid having to put down large numbers of stray dogs picked up in the county.

A black lab mix housed at the Monroe County animal shelter in Aberdeen is one dog Magnolia Angels Animal Rescue is hoping to see adopted out to a fine family. Strays or animal drops having to be rounded up in Monroe County is an old problem, but what is new, a group of 24 volunteers are lending a helping hand.

“And they could be either euthanized if deemed unadoptable if they didn’t have room. And we didn’t think that was enough to try to reunite pets that could possibly not be strays, but be just lost,” said Dianna Stargel/Magnolia Angels Animal Rescue.

In April the group met with city and county leaders asking for what amounts to a grace period. Instead of strays being done away with after only 5 days, there was an agreement to extend that period to 35 days instead. Magnolia Angels are actively looking for foster families willing to adopt these strays and abandoned animals.

“Foster homes the ideal way to go because once they are in foster they are in, they’ve been guaranteed and a lot of times you can get rescue groups to help you,” said Dianna Stargel.

After a new facebook posting campaign, in one month dozens of dogs have been adopted out. According to the folks at Magnolia, they are speaking out for these strays who don’t have a voice.

“Nobody is talking for them. They don’t have anybody that will jump out there and so, hey you know I need help. And the animals need help. And in order to help the animals, we need help,” said Dianna Stargel.

“The government can do what the private person can’t do, but then again the private person can do something what the government can’t do. So its one hand, its a handshake to be able to work together,” said Supervisor Carol Crawford/Monroe County.

Magnolia Angels Animal Rescue has been operating for just a month is working on its 501-C 3 status. Only one dog is left to be adopted out of the Monroe County Animal Shelter. That’s pawing for progress in Monroe County.

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