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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI News)- The clock is ticking for the upcoming New Year, and this holiday has a tradition that goes along with the confetti and fireworks.

It’s a popular drink that served and bought year round, celebrating events like weddings and birthdays, but for the New Year holiday, there seems to be something special about a glass of champagne.

The sparkling wine is so popular that manufacturers put champagne production into high gear during this holiday season.

“They’re used to producing more of it because of what history has shown,” said Rook’s Wine Cellar manager Chase Elgin.

There in, in fact, a history that comes with a glass of champagne when the clock strikes twelve that people don’t know about, one that goes back hundreds of years.

“Sparkling wine was popularized by the French, because it was really big with the noble family, where they christened new kings, baptized babies, stuff like that. It was in the Reims church city, and it was in the middle of Champagne, France. So, when the royal family picked up champagne, it just took off, and because it was so close to the church and all of their solstice stuff happened suddenly champagne was just naturally there around New Years,” said Elgin.

From France, the tradition spread across the entire world, making champagne a profitable business.

Another way to make champagne popular around the holidays is that most bottles at package stores have very nice discounts to give customers a little more joy for welcoming the new year.

“We just kind of take it with us through history. You know, marketing companies pick up on it and push it,” said Elgin.

Marketing campaign or not, it seems that for this new year will be welcomed with a glass of champagne in hand.


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