Video: Marriage By The Numbers 11/12/13

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-Today is Tuesday, not a day typically in demand as couples choose their wedding day. And November is not usually the month for many to tie the knot. Well that’s what you may think. There are those opting to wed on a repeating number date like today, its 11/12/13.

Family and friends of Kristy Holloway and Mark Davis came before Judge Tony Boykin at the tiny hideaway in Starkville, exchanging their wedding vows. The idea was to pick a date this groom would not forget when anniversary time rolled around again.

“I tried and tried and tried to get him to set a date. And everything I suggested and everything; He said I don’t know if I can remember that. The day that he proposed he told me, he said we are going to get married on 11-12-13,” said Kristy Davis.

And so like a growing number of other couples, the bride and groom are not getting hitched in June, February, or December.

“Its got to be love,” said Mark Davis.

“Its all love,” said Kristy Davis.

That love they say, mixed with a little convenience and a little common sense, should add up to a long and happy marriage together.

“This is her happy day. She is my princess and she is the most beautiful girl, and I love her,: said Mark Davis.

The wedding was planned for ten o’clock Tuesday morning. Mark Davis wanted to add that number also. Actually for him its 10-11-12-13. A date he wont soon forget.

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