Video: Millport Welcomes Their First African American Mayor

[bitsontherun 7je5Igkz]MILLPORT, Alabama (WCBI)- Only a hand full towns in Alabama have an African American mayor and very few towns have female mayors. Millport Alabama is unique and has combined both.

“If we see all people as people and we look at the heart of people the color kinda fades away and Millport is not the traditional southern town because we’re a family,” says Mayor Icie Wriley.

Mayor Icie Wriley has been in office for a week now and says she faces the same challenges any other mayor faces regardless of her skin color.

“More people are looking at the problem rather then the skin color and when we can find the person who can fix the problem then we go with that person. The only challenges to make sure we can get Millport name known in the area and let everybody know what a nice town we are,” added Mayor Wriley.

Times are changing and we’re seeing more and more equality in the south. The city of Millport Alabama is happy to welcome their first African American mayor.

“Everything will run smooth, Mrs.Wriley is a very nice person and I think we’re a lot alike, I don’t see color when I look at her, I just see a very nice individual and someone that wants to do good for the town,” said citizen Sue Atkins.

Citizens in Millport have been very accepting of Mayor Wriley knowing what she’s done in the past for the community as a dedicated teacher for 34 years.

“She truly has a heart to serve here and to make our community be a better place, she has deep roots here, she has children and grand children and she’s really interested in improving our community,” added citizen Edna Cole.

Wriley says being mayor is her opportunity to really give back and educate the newer generations.

“When I think about the young people in the area, I see it as a door opener to let them know that it’s possible for them to do almost anything,” says Mayor Wriley.

Mayor Wriley says she hopes to continue moving Millport in a positive direction.


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