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FULTON, Miss. (WCBI)- 19 year old McKenzie King is packing her bags, getting ready to hit the road. The freshman at Mississippi State has come a long way. Last year, McKenzie suffered a severe stroke after recovering from brain surgery. She was in a coma for 3 weeks. But within the last year, she’s made miraculous recovery.

“I’ve been to therapy since the day I got home. Now I can walk and talk and move my hands,” said McKenzie.

She’s even gone back to school.

“They told me it would be 3 years before I start back to school, but it was actually 6 months so i’m really glad about that. But yeah, I have a 3.4 average at Mississippi State. I’m excited! I’m ready to go back. I’m leaving my parents here! Last year, they came with me, but this year, i’m leaving them here,”said McKenzie.

She still struggles with finding the right words and also wears a cast on her leg. But with each passing day, her condition improves.

“I have drop foot. I’ve been wearing this but I can walk without it. My right hand and my right foot don’t work as well. I use my left hand to do everything pretty much now, but I could still write with my right hand but i’m fine to move around,” said McKenzie.

When McKenzie’s parents, Diamond and Sherree King, think about where she was a year ago, they thank God for the progress she’s made and are proud of her accomplishments.

“She’s always had determination and I’ve always said she would argue with a brick wall. So she’s ready now. Her determination is back and it may be a little more struggle to reach her goal, but she’ll do it,” said Sherree King.

McKenzie’s looking forward to starting this school year, and like any freshman, she wants to be a part of the social scene.

“Well, I want to be in a sorority, fingers crossed! I’m so excited, i don’t know why! I never liked going to school but I like it this year!” said McKenzie.

Heading back to school is an accomplishment that neither McKenzie nor her parents take for granted. McKenzie’s majoring in English and says she wants to go to law school.

More than 16,000 people joined Mckenzie’s facebook page during her illness.

McKenzie and her parents say they could not have made it this far without God’s help and all of the thousands of people who prayed for her recovery. They now use her story as a testimony at churches across the area and to families going through similar situations.

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