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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-Teachers are always finding new ways to make learning more fun for their students. That’s why one kindergarten class is using a wedding ceremony to help teach the kids about letter sounds.

It was the wedding of the year, at least for Ms. Leah Brackin’s kindergarten class where two lonely letters united as one

Many family and friends gathered at Cook Elementary to witness and celebrate the wedding of Miss U and Mr. Q.

“I love it now that I am “kw” instead of “U”. I was very lonely at first, but I wanted to find someone to marry to make my new sound. So I found Mr. Q. and he was a nice and very cute guy so I wanted to marry him to be my husband,” says Cassie Carter.

It’s a new technique for teaching children how to read. Taking a concept they already understand and relating it to a classroom lesson.

In this case, instead of two people coming together as a couple, it’s two letters synching up for a new sound.

“We joined the two letters together to make the sound “KW” my kindergarten students have been learning about beginning sound blends and so we’re able to read and put our sounds together. So we just did a wedding presentation and all of the boys and girls had a part in the wedding today,” says Leah Brackin.

“I was the mother of the bride and Cassie was the daughter that got married. And Q and U said “KW”, but I didn’t hear it though,” says Alexandria Magee.

The wedding of Miss U and Mr. Q has been going on for years. Brackin says it’s a way the students can remember what theyv’e learned for the future.

“A retired kindergarten teacher Mrs. Dixie Belue always did this wedding event and all of her students, former students say that this is the one event that they remember in kindergarten that stands out. And I want to make my students learning experience meaningful and so they are lifetime learning experiences for them and memories that always stay,” says Brackin.

There was cake and punch after the ceremony for parents and guest.

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